Premiump Pistol Grips

Why choose Stabilized Wood for your Custom Grips? 

If you’re thinking about dressing up your pistol with some fancy new grips, you may want to consider using stabilized wood.  Some of the benefits of using acrylic stabilized wood are:

Custom stabilized Wood Pistol Grips

  • Protection from moisture
  • Wood will not shrink or warp
  • Protection from humidity changes
  • UV Light Protection
  • Machines well, no tearout
  • Does not require a finish
  • Scratches polish/buff out
  • Finish will not wear off

Another benefit of using stabilized wood is you can choose just about any wood you want.  Some of the most beautiful woods for pistol grips are spalted, which are most often too soft to use…unless they are stabilized.  Burl woods can also be a little finicky to work with and stabilizing makes them easier to machine and finish.  Dyed woods are also becoming more popular and with a variety of shades and colors,  you can take your custom grips to a whole new level!

Pictures courtesy of  Sarge’s Grips